Texas Sojourn

One of my most anticipated stops of this trip was at the home of longtime friends Doug and Kathy. In emails, they shared photos of their home, which is built around an aircraft hangar and includes a tall air-traffic-control type tower which instead of being used to control air traffic at the nearby grass landing strip is used as a spot for drinking beer and telling flying stories as the sun lies low on the horizon. Add a gourmet kitchen and lots of Texas hospitality and this is my kind of stop!

Upon arrival, I was directed to park inside the aircraft hangar, which sports an RV-type electrical box with both 50 amp and 30 amp plugs! Testing my new 30 amp adapter, I confirmed that it worked. That evening, Doug’s parents dropped by for a family-style meal with delicious barbeque steaks and lots of veggies. His mom is a remarkable lady still teaching school at age 80, and both Doug and his dad are pilots known for their story-telling skills. Kathy is a flight attendant who not only knows aviation well but is an all around great gal. Iceman and I obviously arrived at the right address!

Iceman’s reaction to being let off leash (the house was surrounded by a mile of cut hay) was to run at full speed and circle the house, with low passes by us humans. He clearly loves being a country dog and has shown a decided preference for George Strait rather than Elton John on the radio.

Iceman kicks loose, enjoying the freedom of a Texas country dog

With such a fabulous stay, did this lodging experience rate a full 100% rating? Unfortunately, no, because I discovered three discrepancies:
* No mints on the pillows
* No brushless carwash built into the property
* No cool trout stream in which Ice could swim

Otherwise the stay was darn-near perfect. Thanks Doug and Kathy!


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