Gulf Country Cruise

In all my life I have spent little time near the Gulf of Mexico. Now it was time to change that record.

One of the great pluses of traveling in this region is the cajun food. Just across from the supercharger in Baton Rouge is the Acme Oyster House. I ordered jambalaya and gumbo while the waitresses pampered Iceman with water and attention while he was tied up in the shade under the awning.

Looking for delicious cajun food? Try the Acme Oyster House, next to the Baton Rouge supercharger

Jambalaya and gumbo, mmm.

As we progressed westbound from Baton Rouge, we entered bayou country. Here you have vast areas of water mixed with trees and small islands. It was enough to get my boyish imagination working overtime, imagining all the hideouts an aspiring pirate could find in such a place.

Bayou country includes lots of big trees

Sometimes the bayou opens up into lakes

With the Tesla fueled by superchargers and me fueled with cajun food, we made out way through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and then into Texas before calling it a night.

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5 Responses to Gulf Country Cruise

  1. scp53 says:

    When I am in that part of the country I think about where the gators are hanging out. That would be a challenge for Iceman.


  2. Craig Sellman says:

    Papa fox, it was great meeting you today. As an old air traffic controller, it’s nice to meet a pilot I probably talked to at sometime. You adventure is almost over, and ours is just beginning. Thanks for the adapter, I’ll get it back to you in a few weeks. Safe travels!


    • papafox510 says:

      Craig, It was a real pleasure meeting you and your wife. Hoping you drop me an email when your trip is done and let me know how it went. Sounds like great fun! As for the 30 amp adapter, one suggestion is to connect the adapter with your Tesla charge cord and 14-50 adapter BEFORE you plug the 30 amp adapter into the power supply. Otherwise, you can get a spark.


  3. Craig Sellman says:

    Thanks, Roger wilco


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