Save $1000

Planning to buy a Tesla Model S or Model X between now and July 15, 2016? If so, you can save yourself $1000 by visiting Tesla’s design studio through a link provided by any current Tesla owner. Here’s my link:

Tesla is experimenting with referrals by current Tesla owners between now and July 15,  giving new buyers a chance to save $1,000 by ordering through Tesla’s online store (if accessed through a current owner’s link) versus ordering your Tesla in person from a sales associate in a Tesla store. Owners are each given a unique referral URL such as the one above. If you visit the Tesla Model S design studio webpage without going through a link such mine, you can buy an excellent car, but you don’t receive the $1000 savings.

If 4 people buy through my link I get invited to the Tesla Gigafactory opening, which would be pretty cool!

I’ve purchased two Model S cars from Tesla within the past three years. The first purchase was online through Tesla’s design center webpage, the second purchase was by working with a sales associate at a Tesla sales location. There’s no difference in price between the two methods (other than the current $1000 incentive for ordering by using the link provided by a current Tesla owner). In both cases, I visited a Tesla store to be sure that my car was exactly what I wanted. I urge you to do the same. For example, the next generation seats are more expensive than the previous seats, but they are so comfortable that they’re worth the price, in my opinion. How would you know unless you’ve had a chance to sit in both seats, though? What I offer you on this blog is an opportunity to learn quite a bit about the car without spending hours working with a sales associate at a store. Walk into a store with a solid understanding about the car, take a test drive, but if I’ve saved the store associate hours of work by already prepping you on the issues you’ll want to consider, you can then order online and take the $1000 discount in good conscience.

Curious about the look and price of the Model S or Model X you’d like to put together? You can click on my link at any time and start the process of configuring your Tesla. Your only obligation occurs when you put down a $2500 deposit and actually order the car. In the meantime, have some fun.

Go Tesla!

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