Free Unlimited Supercharging for Life

Planning to buy a Tesla Model S or Model X? If so, you can receive unlimited free supercharging for life by visiting Tesla’s design studio through a link provided by any current Tesla owner. Here’s my link:

I’ve also heard that if you order the vehicle in person at a Tesla store you can give the salesperson my referral code of peter1106 and receive the unlimited supercharging for life. It’s important to give the referral code at the time that you place the order because you will not be able to get the free supercharging by mentioning the referral at a later date.

If you use the link to order your car online, be careful about saving the configuration of the car and then recalling that configuration from the Tesla website. In some cases the free supercharging offer can be lost. For this reason, when you’re ready to make your order, please use the link above, rather than recalling your saved configuration from the Tesla website.

Please realize that the unlimited free supercharging for life is for cross-country travel. The offer is not intended for supercharging in your own town on a regular basis. Rather, you should install a garage charger for daily driving. Once on the road, though, Elon and his company will pick up the tab for the energy you use. It’s a very liberating feeling!

Curious about the look and price of the Model S or Model X you’d like to put together? You can click on my link at any time and start the process of configuring your Tesla. Your only obligation occurs when you put down a $2500 deposit and actually order the car. In the meantime, have some fun.

Also, if you plan to order a solar roof from Tesla, use my referral code and receive a 5 year extended warranty at no charge.

Go Tesla!

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