Elusive Kansas

No matter how I reworked my strategy, at least one state would require an extra effort to reach, and in the end that state was Kansas.  How nice it would be to head West from Oklahoma City, but Kansas called. The plan was to head north from Texas to Perry supercharger, north of Oklahoma City, drive far enough north of Perry to place at least one foot and one paw in Kansas, and then race back to Perry for another supercharge.

A line of light but dissipating rain showers crossed my path to Kansas. These showers required no deviation.

Eureka, scratch one elusive state

Iceman checking out the gravel Main Street of Hunnewell, Kansas.
Uh oh, Iceman, I don’t think we’re in Hawaii any more!

Iceman in his relaxed position. When the road is rough or contains lots of turns, he wisely settles down in the low spot between from and rear seats

After working our way back to Oklahoma City, we progressed westbound, with Amarillo as our goal. About midnight we pulled into town. Fortunately, a Holiday Inn Express in Amarillo offers destination Tesla charging, and although they could not lodge us (no pets allowed), they did offer a charge. In about an hour we had enough to continue to Tucumcari, N.M., the next day.

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2 Responses to Elusive Kansas

  1. JP Boyer says:

    Thanks for the trip. It has been fun reading. So, what has happened after Oct 3?


  2. papafox510 says:

    Hi JP, the blog contains posts through Oct 26, which bring the road trip to a conclusion for now. No doubt small updates will post from time to time, and perhaps another road trip could surface. Please check back.


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