The Speed-stater

What a day: we had fun in Vermont and still covered six states: Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut.

The fall colors were just starting in Vermont

Instead of proceeding directly to the supercharger in Brottleboro, we headed north to Manchester, VT, where Orvis has its headquarters. As I’m a fly fisherman, it was a mandatory stop.

The Orvis shop. Across the way, tours were given of the fly rod factory

The Orvis shop sported a model DeHavilland Beaver on floats

Out in back of the Orvis shop, a lovely grass area surrounded two ponds where fly-casting is taught. The pond contains monster trout and young fly-fishing trainees are allowed to hook them at times.

Iceman took an interest in the lifelike artwork

The pond offered monster trout to the aspiring fly-fishermen

After weaving our way through the Vermont mountains we headed to New Hampshire for a charge and then to Maine. Although the plan was for an overnight in Kennibunkport, the hotels weren’t keen on allowing dogs, and so a change of plans was needed. We crossed the Piscataqua River, which divides Massachusetts from Maine, made a brief stop, rounded the Northeastern pylon in this flight around America, then set our sights on points south.

A wide swing around Boston allowed us to avoid that traffic. After a brief pause in northwestern Rhode Island, I realized that we didn’t need to recharge at the Providence supercharger and changed course for Hartford, Connecticut. What a day!

This sunset rewarded our efforts to press on

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3 Responses to The Speed-stater

  1. What a great trip! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Kathleen Rippel says:

    Wow Peter! Loving the beautiful pictures and videos. Just had a chance to catch up on all your adventures during September. What a wonderful trip!


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