Meeting the Pioneer

When it comes to visiting the United States in an electric vehicle from one end to the other, the names Michael Fritts and Lita Elbertson stand out. Last summer Michael invited Lita to join him in a 50 state tour in his Model S. That trip has been blogged on . Michael’s trip was the first to visit all 50 staes in an electric vehicle. While crossing the state of New York, I had the pleasure of meeting this pioneer.

Michael Fritts, Papafox, and Iceman with the two long-distance Teslas behind

Oh what a difference a year makes! The Mike and Lita needed to rely upon alternate charging technologies often during their time in the lower 48 states. Now, I’m for the most part zipping through states with quick 20 minute supercharging sessions. I’m presently seeing the gaps in supercharger coverage filled while this trip is underway. Boise, Idaho, now has supercharging and a couple weeks ago Columbia, Mo.. plugged the gap between Kansas City and St. Charles. Imagine how much simpler a country-wide tour will be next summer.

What a pleasure it was to sit down with Michael in upstate New York and compare notes about Alaska and other aspects of long-distance travel in a Model S. He’s been a valuable resource to me in the past and I sure enjoyed a chance to say hello.

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