Mountain Oasis

Every long distance traveler dreams of an oasis where water is plentiful and life is easy. I found such an oasis on my journey in Spearfish Canyon of South Dakota’s Black Hills. My brother Bill and his lovely wife Karen extended an invitation for a long stopover, and I took them up on the offer. For me, this was a chance to catch up on blogging, get some good exercise, thoroughly clean the Tesla, receive packages, and just enjoy time with these people.

The view from their deck was gorgeous

Mountainbiking with my brother and his wife

I played tourist one day with a drive over to Mt. Rushmore

One obstacle was that three 120 lb. malamute dogs live on the property. Two were not to be trusted around Iceman, but Ice worked his magic with a female named Kiera and the two became partners for walks twice a day.

Iceman and Kiera on their morning walk in the Black Hills

Can you spot the buck? Iceman can! Expand the photo to full size by clicking on it.

For Iceman, the stop was even more substantial. Here was a prolonged stay in the mountains, an entirely foreign place to be checked out, peed upon, conquered, and enjoyed.

Ice-cold water was a non-issue with Iceman

Portuguese Mountain Dog

Raised in the warm islands
Where he frolicked in the sand
Iceman visited the Black Hills,
A mountainous and wild land.

Took a dip in an icy stream
Would he immediately jump out?
The boy swam happily in the current
His tail massaging scores of brown trout.


He learned the scent of deer
Would stalk them on our walks,
I’m just glad he never smelled a lion
Or he’d be hunting ’em high in the boulder rocks.


Iceman soon felt at home here
He learns altogether quick,
Prefers rocks to fire hydrants,
Uses a deer antler as a tooth pick.


The implications are immense,
It’s plain for all to see,
My beach-loving bowser
has unmistakably gone country!

Check out this driving through Spearfish Canyon video.

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