North Dakota

North Dakota simply didn’t fit into a smooth journey through the states along supercharger routes. Thus, an out and back sortie from South Dakota became the plan. Looking at the map, there’s a community known as Bowman at the top of Highway 85 which presses north from western South Dakota. A quick phone call confirmed I could get a helper charge at a Bowman RV Park, so Iceman and I set forth on an expedition to bag another state.

Wide-open grasslands dominate much of the Dakotas

Heading north through the Dakotas, I had a chance to survey the wildlife by assessing the abundant roadkill. Racoons roam these parts, as do foxes. Most curious, though, were the abundant pheasants that had been hit (made we wish that xpel made a pheasant-proof film).

Antelope roam these glasslands, too. Be sure to click on photo for higher-res version


There’s no reason to spend much time charging at 30mph rate when you can hustle back to a supercharger and pump in the power at 350+ mph. A quick helper charge for $5 at an RV park and I was good to head back to civilization (supercharger land). I have yet to contact an RV Park that wouldn’t sell me electricity.

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