East of the Rockies

After Aspen, we headed east on I-70. After negotiating some construction delays, we passed through Vail. This spot looks like it could be another fun mountain town, too, but with a substantially different flavor. Whereas Aspen was small and exclusive,with mountain bike trails and people in athletic gear, Vail looked to be enormous Tyrolian villages and golf courses. The ski hills, the woods, and the streams were nonetheless inviting.

Vail resides right alongside I-70

Entering Denver, we drove through heavy showers, but I have yet to find any issues with the wipers, defrosters, or slick condition handling. Mostly I was busy driving defensively.

That evening, I stayed on the eastern side of the Rockies with my nephew Nick. One great thing about road trips is the ability to visit relatives and friends. At age 10, my nephew was enthralled with dreams of flight and he  joined me on a trip to London to see an aviation event with World War II era aircraft. Now, some 18 years later, Nick is a regional airline pilot, based in Denver. I’m proud of his ability to turn his dream into reality. Also, no need for a tent tonight as Iceman and I bunked in Nick’s loft.

Hanging out with nephew Nick

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