Aspen delight

It took Icenan and me about a quarter second after pulling into the center of Aspen town to realize we had to spend some time in this place. First, just about every other person on the street had a dog with them. Secondly, instead of mostly out-of-shape people in RV Parks, this town was filled with people in athletic wear, biking, hiking, and involved in very active recreations.

About every other person on the streets in Aspen had a dog with them!

Tie ’em up outside like you would a horse

For months, Iceman and I have used the “tie ’em up” method so that I could go into a building where dogs weren’t allowed. We had never encountered someone else doing the same thing. I actually laughed out loud to see that this is the norm in Aspen. This place was growing on me quickly.

Ski runs dominate the background of Aspen

Two main shopping/dining streets in Aspen have flowing streams, trees and grass, much to Iceman’s delight

Not surprisingly, hotels in Aspen were open-minded about allowing dogs in the rooms. The first hotel I researched was the sole Tesla destination hotel, The Little Nell, but its price was well above my budget. Instead, I ended up in another nice hotel, walking distance from the center of town, that cost no more than a similar hotel anywhere in America. Ah, the joys of traveling in the off season. I spent two nights and considered three.

During a walk, I spoke with the doormen at The Little Nell, and they reminded me that the Tesla charger was available for $10 per hour. Wouldn’t you wish you had dual-chargers if you were charging there? The nearest supercharger is about 40 miles away in Glenwood Springs.

Iceman and I soon chose our dining perch for the trip at an outdoor cafe across the street from  Casa Tua

Papafox and Iceman at their Aspen dining perch, busy people watching and dog watching

Talk about a great town for people-watching. Many people walked or rode by in their athletic wear with bright tennis shoes. Then came the ladies of the money-is-no-object crowd, dressed to the nines in their fabulous outfits while passing by in heels. Fun to see the people of both groups (many absolutely stunning ladies), fun to see the outfits.

In the evenings, I watched the paragliders working the currents at the summit of the ski hill. 

Just walking around town was a delight. This house is not that unusual for Aspen. Nearly all houses were well maintained with wildflowers and neatly-trimmed green lawns. A road one block off main street was reserved solely for bicyclists and local traffic.

This stream ran through town and had a well-maintained walking trail following it and snaking through the wooded areas nearby

Walking and biking trails were everywhere. How could you live a sedentary lifestyle in a place so designed for active sports? 

Hmm, if we hurry on the road trip, maybe we can catch some trees turning colors in Aspen on the westbound leg of our tour.

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