Back to the mountains

The drive to Green River was gorgeous, but the 90 degree weather that much of the West was feeling felt too hot to me after my time up North, and I endeavored to turn the thermostat down to a more desirable number. The answer? To the mountains of Colorado!

Highway 70 is an especially scenic road and the grand colors and rock formations did not end after crossing the Colorado border.


En route to Grand Junction the scenery remained rugged and colorful

Front row seat to America’s vast beauty

Pulling into the supercharger at Grand Junction, I spied an International House of Pancakes nearby, but alas it was a weekend and the lines were too long. Oh well, it was back on the road again!

At Glenwood Springs supercharger, the nearby hotel made certain that the spots wouldn’t be ICEd out (taken by internal combustion engine vehicles) by placing cones that said “EV Only”. It worked!

After Glenwood Springs I departed I-70 and followed another road higher into the mountains.

Are those ski runs on the mountain ahead? Oh my goodness, I must be heading to Aspen

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