Visit to the ghost showroom

From Idaho Falls we would be on the supercharger network again for a long time, and it was a good feeling. Southbound from Idaho Falls our route took us to the Tremonton supercharger and then to Salt Lake City.

It’s a strange feeling recharging at tbe Salt Lake City site. Here’s this beautiful facility that is nearly deserted. It’s all dressed up with no place to go. Some minor servicing takes place, but the facility is still waiting for a nod from the Utah politicians to allow sales activity to take place.

Let’s hope this beautiful facility at Salt Lake City gets put to use someday soon

At long last I found the time to hit a gym while on the road. Iceman chilled out in air-conditioned comfort in the Tesla while I worked out

After passing through Salt Lake City, the next stop was the supercharger at Green River. A drive through rush-hour Salt Lake traffic made me vow to avoid big city rush-hour traffic in the future. The drive soon improved, and the vibrant colors of Utah in the final hours of light made the trip memorable.

The road to Green River is best done early in the morning or in early evening to maximize the desert colors

My feeling at this point in the road trip? It’s great to be on the supercharger network again! I’m eating up the miles and having more fun.

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