Houston to the land of superchargers

As I progressed south, I could feel the desire to supercharge. It began when the Tesla Nav software insisted on routing all my trips through a supercharger station more than 350 miles away. Imagine charges measured in minutes rather than hours or days. Intoxicating!

The easiest route solution out of Houston would be to do a long drive to Prince George, spend the night in the destination hotel, and then begin the next morning on a full charge. Unfortunately, I had my nose in the air, sniffing for superchargers, and wanted to make better time southbound. Thus, I drove 10 miles beyond Prince George and picked up a “helper charge” at an RV park. With a phone call, I confirmed these people would be willing to let me plug into a 50 amp outlet for a few hours. That charge would allow me to make Williams Lake before sundown.

Mama Yeh RV Park, near Prince George, offered a great 50 amp connection for a quick helper charge

After a couple hours of 32 miles/hr charging, I had enough energy onboardĀ to press on to Williams Lake. Instead of parking at a university and using public charging at 13 miles/hr., however. I chose instead to overnight at a Williams Lake RV Park and depart the next morning with full charge. Yep, RV parks have become my “destination charging in a tent” destinations.

The next morning I was on the road again. Williams Lake and points north in Canada are absolutely gorgeous. The kind of lakes that would be million dollar properties for second homes in the U.S. were commonplace up here.

Gorgeous lakes are everywhere in British Columbia, Canada

In one long leg I drove from Williams Lake to the supercharger at Kamaloops. What a joy to plug in for a quick charge then hit the road again!

Relaxing in the grass at Kamloops supercharger during our brief stop

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