The Best KOA Campground So Far

The idea was to follow Tesla’s trail of Canadian superchargers eastbound for a while and visit that curiously large hotel at Banff. I had always been intrigued how someone could fill up such a large hotel in such a remote location.

After recharging at the Kamloops supercharger that afternoon, we drove east along the Trans-Canadian Highway. As with many Americans, I was surprised that the main East-West highway in Canada is two-lane for much of the way. Fortunately, passing lanes are common in the more heavily-traveled areas.

That evening we pulled into a KOA campground at Sicamous, on the eastbound leg towards Banff. Although I give KOA campgrounds a bad time for often resembling trailer parks, this one was quite different. It had all the ammenities of a good KOA campground: heated pool for the kids, internet, restrooms clean as hotel rooms, etc., and yet it had something else: space! Campsites were widely spaced in lovely wooded areas, and plenty of trails led outward for evening walks with the dog.

Now on the supercharger route, we took an inexpensive tent site at KOA Sicamous

My bed on the cot is more comfortable than my bed at home

The radio spoke of smoke ahead, smoke blown north from fires in Washington state. Iceman and I saw the beginning of the smoke zone on our evening walk

To add icing to the cake, I enjoyed an all you can eat pancake feed at Sicamous before hitting the road the next morning

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