Border crossing

Instead of taking us through Vancouver, as I had expected, Tesla’s Navigation feature directed us through lovely country roads so as to avoid Vancouver traffic. I didn’t realize it, but these smaller border crossing sites are often not 24 hour sites, so in order to avoid disappointment, be sure to check the crossing hours before proceeding along the Tesla system’s yellow brick road. Fortunately, the border was open.

Canadian Border Crossing Considerations:
* U.S. citizens should have passports
* Be sure to have a current rabies vaccination document (not tag) for your dog
* Some crossing sites not open 24 hours. Check ahead if using a smaller crossing.


Pleased to see that no wanted posters with my mug adorned the border site, I managed to produce the necessary docs and Iceman and I were now zooming through Canada towards our final destination of Kamloops. Well, fatigue hit, and while charging at the Hope supercharger, I chose to remain there until daylight.

The 2nd Gen seats are amazing if you need to take a snooze. The whole seat tilted back, then the backrest continued farther, and farther and farther back until it resembled one of those first-class seats on Royal Grand-Poobah Airways. Add a pillow, and I was asleep in no time.

The next morning I awoke to find the Canadian Rockies surrounding Hope. What a great way to start another day of the adventure.


Now the big question: Continue east to Montana or turn North? Leaving on this trip in August instead of May, as originally planner, perhaps the prudent thing would be to head east.

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