Go north young man and dog!

Yep, we’re going to Alaska! The clear route North is through Prince George, but getting there from Kamloops in an electric vehicle is the challenge. WWW.plugshare.com says there’s a public charger in Williams Lake.

Most of the drive to Williams Lake was uneventful. Scenery is mostly small farms along the road, with forest in the background. As we approached Lake Williams, though, the forest took the upper hand and thus the feeling of being “up North” began.

The Tesla navigation page indicated I would arrive in Williams Lake with 22% of charge remaining. If driving slightly over the speed limit, I find these estimates are usually accurate within about 3% once the Tesla digests my driving style.

The Williams Lake public charger is located at Thompson River University


Unfortunately, the Tesla felt the current coming from this charger was “dirty” and dropped the amperage of my charging, so that instead of getting 22 miles per hour of additional charge, I was only getting 13 mph. The second charger produced exactly the same problem. Oh well, I’ll have enough juice to proceed towards Prince George at 2 a.m.

Several members of the university staff took an interest in the Tesla. They are friendly people and I shared several “have a seat and I’ll show you the magic of this car” moments.

New page “Off-Net” added today to expand upon off-the-supercharger charging challenges and solutions.

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