Model S-ing in Seattle

Our trip took us through Seattle, and as we entered the Cascades the 100 degree temps of the past few days gave way to comfortable 80s. Yes! As a bonus, the place wasn’t on fire.

We toured the town from south to north, with a very brief stop to visit a friend who was unfortunately ill at the time. What a cool home she had, though. Situated next to an airport, the view you see in the photo below is actually the door to her hangar, in which resided a plane very capable for visiting the backcountry airstrips of Idaho or landing on the beach in Oregon during low tide. This is one of the few transportation machines that can distract a Model S owner! The other side of the building is a comfortable house. How’s that for convenience?


A strange noise had recently appeared, and we dropped into the Seattle Service Center at our appointed time to have it checked out. These people earned 10s all across for their diligence in finding the noise, hospitality during the service and then thoroughness in the repair. They expedited a part from another location in the Seattle area to get me on my way asap.

Although Iceman was born in Australia, he shared his hometown in Hawaii with his sister, Hana. During this time, Iceman attended the pool party to beat all pool parties at Hana’s house, where a trio of Portuguese Water Dogs frolicked in the pool, all jumped out for a quick game of chase, and then returned to the pool with dazzling splashes. Hana had moved, but this evening we drove up the steep driveway in a heavily-wooded neighborhood on the outskirts of Seattle to reunite these two dogs. Hana and Ice both recognized each other and took up where they left off at that fabled pool party.

Iceman on left with his tall sister Hana on right

After a spell, Iceman disappeared, only to return from another room with a stuffed elephant in his mouth. Later he went shopping again and dragged in a stuffed Portuguese Water Dog toy. Some things never change.

The kleptomaniac canine strikes again. Notice motion-blur of tail.

Hana’s owners, Ken and Gay, fed Papafox wonderfully and I enjoyed seeing these two fine people once again. As for Iceman, he delighted in the reunion with his sister known for the epic pool party.

A brief stay that night near Burlington, WA, was followed by much preparations to get the car ready for its next leg. With all systems go, we headed to the border for a night crossing. Five states are now covered, and it is time for the trek to number 6!

Tesla impressions: Still feeling like I’m driving the most responsive race car in town. Supercharging gives a nice pace to a long day of driving, with 20 minute breaks after two hours on the road. Enthusiasm level very high.

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