The great Boise supercharger celebration

The departure Papafox and Iceman from Nevada to points north depended upon the opening of the Boise supercharger. I had friends up there to visit, and I wanted to meet the Tesla owners from a location where the car still hasn’t caught on in a big way yet. A celebration at the newly-opened supercharger would be the best of all worlds.

Bottom line: Boise Tesla owners and enthusiasts rock!

Boise Tesla owner Kunal Parekh joined me in getting the word out about the celebration on Mondaty after work, and we waited to see how many of the dozen and a half owners in the area would show up. Would we be able to fill all 8 supercharger slots?

One by one they started coming in that evening. Before long all supercharger slots were filled and more Model S cars kept arriving. We had 15 by my count. I served ice cream cones from the freezer in the back of my Tesla, and Kunal brought a wonderful assortment of appetizers to appease the hunger beasts.

apafox’s  70D about to turn into an ice cream truck. Nice lineup of Teslas!

There were Teslas everywhere you could look, 15 (maybe more).

Now, in the midst of this Tesla party at the Boise supercharger, a lone Tesla arrived, driven by someone just passing through and looking for a quick charge. You can imagine his surprise when the supercharger site is standing room only with all slots filled and what looks like a half dozen or more Teslas already waiting in line for an opening! Fortunately, one of the owners moved his car and the charging began without interruption.

During the gathering, Kunal circulated among the various owners, getting signatures on two hats. I felt sure that I’d get a chance to sign too, but as it turns out, one of the hats was a gift to me with the well wishes of those in attendance. Names and Tesla production numbers decorated the headwear. Rest assured, this is my favorite baseball cap of all time. What a fabulous way for the Boise gang to have a good time and also wish Iceman and I well on our upcoming adventure. A HUGE thanks to Kunal, his wife Angie, and all the other Boise Tesla people who made the evening a fabulous memory for me!

he Boise Cap

Kunal presents Papafox with the cap while Iceman officiates the presentation

Five states are checked off the list now (including Hawaii since Iceman and Papafox has 40,000 Tesla miles there already): HI, OR, CA, NV, ID


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2 Responses to The great Boise supercharger celebration

  1. What a fantastic start right out the gate. Elon would be proud.


  2. Next Tesla gathering you instigate should have a hat for the Grand PooBah, Musk himself saying “wish you were here!”


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