On the road at last!

‘Twas a Sunday afternoon when Iceman and I hit the road with 75% battery charge and 100% enthusiasm  level. Dozens of friends and strangers had already stated they wished they could join us, to exchange their everyday worries for the lure of the open road. I was guiding a sleek new carriage pulled by galloping electrons, and it felt good.

The first leg from Reno to Lovelock revealed Chevys, Studebakers, and Pontiacs heading northeast from Hot August Nights and scores of bikers on their Harleys, rumbling southwest as they returned from Sturgis. No doubt the lure of the open road takes many forms.

wapping stories with the bikers at Lovelock’s supercharger (next to a Chevron station).

As Nevada gave way to Oregon, the sagebrush yielded to grasslands. A lone coyote crossed the road and antelope nibbled on green fields of grain.


We reached Jordan Valley in the last light of evening. Wind shook the trees and a thunderstorm threatened in the distance as I assembled the tent. Early that morning lightning and thunder arrived and we retreated to the safety of the Tesla for half an hour. The adventure was underway.

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2 Responses to On the road at last!

  1. Jenny says:

    Hey Papafox!!! Greetings from some of Iceman’s family from North Queensland, Australia!!!! What an exciting adventure you and Ice are undertaking!!!!! I’ll be reading along , green with envy!!! Safe travels to you both – don’t let the bugs get in your eyes Ice on the occasions you have the wind in your hair!!! (Does Pfox let you put your head out the window sometimes?????)
    Happy trails!
    Kind regards
    Jenny, Ed and Lucy. x, wags and licks from us.


    • papafox510 says:

      Thanks for checking in! Iceman has been both a great traveling companion and a mischievous water dog. Hopefully, I’ll get the stories written up this evening. I’m going to blame Iceman’s mischievous streak on his Australian roots. Do you know that after all these years he still barks with an accent!


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