Boise, post-celebration

As if the supercharger party wasn’t enough, the people of Boise had even more hospitality in store for Papafox and Iceman. Directly from the party I headed over to a dinner invitation at the home of longtime friends Leslie and John. What a joy to eat something delicious and nutritious and not only visit with these friends but meet their impressive boys who had grown a good ten years since my last meeting. Evan is going to give Ansel Adams a run for his money. John and two of the sons joined me in a post-dinner Tesla familiarization drive. I think he has the bug now!

During the gathering, Iceman “went shopping”, which means he scours the property for a toy or stuffed animal which he can then parade around with for the remainder of the night. At home, he is a shoe thief, determined to find ingenious new locations for hiding my shoes. Sure enough, he found a playtoy of the house’s pooch and regaled in his new find.

Later that night, I drove across town to the home of grand friends Dan and Suzy. Their small dog Max met Iceman at the door with a look of disdain, but soon Max accepted the visitor. We traded tent for house living that night and sure enough in the morning Iceman went shopping again, this time scoring a big black bear. Dan and Suzy let Max lounge on the furniture and in Iceman’s eyes when in Rome do …

One must be careful about saying “make yourself at home” to Iceman

How’s that for a Monday? A big thanks to my dinner and lodging hosts, too!

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