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I added a Blackvue 650 dashcam to my car recently so that I could capture that pack of wolves that runs across the road while heading North to Alaska. Heck, I’d even settle for a video of a UFO. Modern … Continue reading

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TMC Connect

The Mecca for Tesla enthusiasts is TMC Connect, a gathering of Tesla owners and wanna-be owners that takes place each summer in Silicon Valley. This year, Tesla brought to the gathering their VP of Communications, Ricardo Reyes, VP of Production … Continue reading

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Visiting the mother ship

Any true fan of Tesla cars should visit the company’s factory in Fremont, CA., as I did today. Tesla owners need to arrange a tour in advance with their delivery specialist. Don’t expect to show up and be added to … Continue reading

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There must be 50 ways to leave your humdrum

The desire to hit the road is universal. Jack Kerowak wrote about it in On the Road, and so did John Steinbeck in Travels with Charlie. Even before road trips were practical, the desire managed to manifest itself in other forms. … Continue reading

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Tesla was the first company to make electric vehicles practical for long-distance driving when they introduced a car with greater than 200 mile range plus a network of supercharger stations across the United States. Europe now has a substantial network, … Continue reading

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The Idea

After working like a dog for five years without a real vacation, it is time to hit the road with my dog and leave the craziness behind for a spell. A tour of all 50 United States in an electric car with … Continue reading

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