TMC Connect

The Mecca for Tesla enthusiasts is TMC Connect, a gathering of Tesla owners and wanna-be owners that takes place each summer in Silicon Valley. This year, Tesla brought to the gathering their VP of Communications, Ricardo Reyes, VP of Production Josh Ensign, Autopilot expert Marc Wimmershoff, and several other top information providers. Breakout sessions followed lunch. Electric vehicle proponent Chelsea Sexton interviewed Elon Musk’s biographer Ashlee Vance, with lots of questions coming from the audience. A gathering at Tesla’s Palo Alto headquarters rounded out the agenda that evening.


Papafox spent lunch engaged in a discussion at the “Road Trips” table

Vendors offered everything from custom sound to paint protection in the exhibits area

Perhaps the most fun of the event was simply chatting with other Tesla owners and hearing their stories. Many came from the east coast, which reinforces the need for this blog. If some Tesla owners drive coast to coast with the greatest of ease, why not share road trip experiences online so that others can learn how really accessible long-distance travel in Model S has already become?

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