During the winter of 2015/16,I had a chance to drive my Tesla 70D in snow, and it was a delight. While visiting relatives in Reno, Nevada, a snow storm hit, which dumped plenty of white suff on the valley floor and even more in the mountains. Although the Tesla lacked snow tires, it had all-season tires and these performed surprisingly well.


So much of the secret to Tesla’s snow-driving abilities lies in the electronic traction control, which provides much faster response to slippery conditions than a mechanical drive train vehicle could ever hope for. With dual-motors, evenly-distributed weight, low CG, and excellent traction control, the 70D is a fabulous vehicle for snow driving

Naturally, Iceman accompanied me on this mainland adventure and what a joy it was for him. He regarded snow as a magical white sand that removed excess heat from him and kept him comfortable even when exercising. He sometimes zoomed like a puppy, delighting in this newfound cool. For a dog who has grown up in Hawaii, snow pure delight.

iceandsnowWho would have thought that this was a Hawaii dog on vacation?

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