Virginia is for Tesla lovers

One can’t visit this part of the country without being aware of America’s civil war. The names of towns like Sharpsburg, Manassas, and Harper’s Ferry right bells, and signs directing motorists to battlegrounds abound. Instead of heading northwest to Berkeley Springs, I chose to touch West Virginia along the battleground of Antietam. A visitor to the area soon realizes that Richmond, Virgina, Washington, D.C., and a great number of the battlefields are all within a one-charge driving distance.

These cannons stood on a corner of the Antietam battle field, near the intersections of West Virginia, Virginia, and Maryland

virginia3 virginia2
Towns like Sharpsburg still have a civil war look to them when you look beyond the wires, vehicles, and roads.

Driving on these country roads was a real delight. They have so many rises and falls, twists and turns, it’s a fun roller-coaster ride in the Tesla. By the end of the day, I had added West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina to my list of states visited.

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