Badger crossing

On the drive up to Hyder from Prince George, I saw lots of crossing signs. There’s the typical mainland deer crossing sign, but also I saw elk crossing (fuller rack of horns), moose crossing (looks like Bullwinkle), mountain goat (looks like an overfed, shaggy goat), and mountain sheep (big horns). The most amazing sign, though, was the badger crossing sign. I mean, how much damage could a badger do to your car?

Well, I used some imagination and looked at the worst case scenario. Here it is:
Hyder Star-Bugle Sunday Edition: “Emergency responders today rescued a family of four that had apparently encountered a badger of the highway near Bear Glacier. The Toyota Camry was found up on blocks, with all tires shredded and all food-stuffs in the trunk and intereior completely decimated. The family was rescued from high positions in three separate fir trees. It is assumed that the driver was not taking the badger crossing signs seriously.

And so I err on the side of caution and keep a sharp eye for badgers in the bader-crossing area.

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2 Responses to Badger crossing

  1. Kathleen Rippel says:

    Peter, just loving your blog! I have caught up through today and I am really enjoying the pictures, videos and commentary. Ray is on his hike but I know he will enjoy reading all these posts when he returns. Give Iceman a scratch behind the ears for us!


    • papafox510 says:

      Kathleen, thanks for checking in! Wishing Iceman and I were on the trail to say hi to Ray. We might have a day hike or an overnighter in the Sierras at some point if we make good time.


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