Dodging forest fires

Today I journeyed over the Sierras in the Tesla, doing yet another necessary preparation for the trip. The two features of the car that really stood out on this drive compared to my 2013 model are the comfort of the 2nd generation seats and the workload saving features of the active cruise control. I really can drive all day without getting tired.

Here’s a photo on I-80 as I approached the Lowell forest fire in California today. My hat is off to the firefighters. Yesterday, in another rental car, Iceman and I stopped at Blue Canyon Airport, up in the Sierras, because driving more than 3 hours without a break is uncivilized. It looked like a military operation with half a dozen big helicopters, all preparing to take to the sky and battle their foe with external tanks carrying water.


I returned later today in a rental car (Tesla won’t be ready until Friday), and once again discovered I like to stop for at least 15 minutes every two hours  of driving. Supercharging seems so natural now, and I’m not so thrilled about this concept of paying $30 or more for gasoline every time I visit a recharging (refueling) station. It’s going to be a long 4 days!

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