On the Mainland, at last!

Today, Iceman and Papafox arrived in San Francisco after taking the all-nighter from Honolulu. A quick drive brought us to the Tesla’s location. A few days of prepping the 70D will be necessary before beginning the adventure, but we’re getting close!

Iceman naturally helped himself to a swim in the pool and was immediately surrounded by a bunch of Papafox’s nieces. Not a bad way to start an adventure.


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2 Responses to On the Mainland, at last!

  1. Norm Scott says:

    Iceman’s the winner! Happy to see that things are off to a great start. The Kalapawai gang wishes you both the best.

    Norm and North Shore Steve


  2. papafox510 says:

    Iceman was Mr. Cool on his flight over and he is his normal self over here at a relative’s house: charming dogs and people alike, stealing shoes and hiding them in special places within the house, and sneaking a swim whenever the opportunity presents itself. Hope you guys don’t drink all the coffee at Kalapawai before I return!


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