Rounding the southeastern pylon

I awoke in Savannah, Georgia, a lovely spot. From here my route would take me to Tifton supercharger, Tallahassee, and then to Pensacola. Looking at the Tesla Navigation program, I could see that the suggested routing involved a 90 degree turn, and my estimated arrival energy in Tifton was 5%. By driving 55-60 mph on a smaller highway that cut the corner, I managed to arrive with 25% energy, my best effort yet.

Since North Carolina, I found myself in pine trees from time to time. All the chill of autumn that I felt from South Dakota to Wisconsin had disappeared and the south was still very much feeling like lazy warm summer days.

Southern Georgia and Northern Florida offer these lovely trees lining the highways. All the homes in such areas are on very large lots. 

Some trees even have the moss draped down from them.

I arrived at the Tallahasee supercharger on a gorgeous evening. Close to the supercharger is a restaurant named Newk’s Eatery that serves delicious hot sandwiches. This stop marked the end of the southbound push. From here on it would be westbound to complete the tour.

An evening drive to Pensacola brought me in after dark. At the top of my to-do list? Visit the Naval Aviation Museum, of course!

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