Hanging out in Stewart

My calculations showed that a charge of some 60 hours (after figuring energy I’d use for the trip up to Hyder) would be needed to fully charge the Tesla’s battery before I set off again for Smithers. That placed me at full charge early in the morning of the third day. I didn’t have much wiggle room if I wanted to leave morning of the third day.

I chose to set up camp and charge at Rainey Creek Campground, which was a short walk from the main street of Stewart. 

Timing how long it took to add one mile of range, I figured we were gaining about 3.3 miles per hour at 12 amps and 110 volts. Unfortunately, on day two a heavy rtainstorm arrived, and with powerlines wet in the Stewart area, the charge sometimes dropped to 9 amps. By unplugging and then replugging, I was able to get 12 amps back again and keep the charging on schedule.

Looking down 5th Street, Stewart’s business hotspot, you can see the mountains with glacier in between dominate the horizon

Here’s a zoomed view of Stewart’s 5th Street. You can get decent pizza, burger, seafood, and lodging on this street

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