To Houston and Smithers

Determined to make it all the way to Houston before charging, I drove mostly at 50 mph. Plan B was to stop at Burns Lake, quite a bit short of Houston. When faster cars approached, I put on flashers, and pulled to the right to encourage a pass if it was safe. The leg to Houston required nearly 4 hours on the road, but the Tesla navigation program had finally given up trying to send me back to Kamloops for a recharge, and it calculated that I was gaining, not losing, expected miles of charge for my Houston arrival. I now knew I could make it. I used only 51kwh of my 70 kwh battery.

The world’s largest fly rod stands in front of the Houston visitor’s center. Below that tree to the right of the rod sits a little blue Tesla.

Charging at Houston took over 8 hours because a typical public charger can only deliver about 22 mph of electricity. It seems every Canadian town has an A&W Root Beer and Houston was no exception. Iceman and I walked over and lightened their load of teenburgers. Canadians are typically friendly,and I enjoyed showing the car to several, plus a couple groups of curious German tourists. Shortly before my departure, council members from Houston showed up to get a photo for a story about my visit.

I had discovered a great resource for finding RV Parks both in Canada and the U.S.: . Through this site, I learned of the Par 3 RV Park in Smithers, and phoned ahead to reserve a tent site with 15 amp electricity. Why not use more power for a quicker charge? Par 3, as with many RV Parks, lacked 50 amp hookups, and Tesla does not offer a 30 amp charging adapter for U.S. and Canadian RV parks. Instead, I had taken someone’s advise from a forum and ordered a 30 amp to 14-50 (50 amp) adapter, but I had been given bad advice and the adapter would not work. Thus my only option was the slower than molasses 15amp 110 volt electricity, which is the same as a standard wall plug in any house. Nonetheless, I needed less than 40 miles range at Smithers, and by the time I departed the following morning, I had a full battery.

My campsite at Smithers. A grass tent site is a luxury for us campers, and our hosts at the RV Park had both recently taken a drive in a Model S when a Tesla rep came north for an event an at nearby location (WTG Tesla!). The tent is a 5-man Coleman and contains an enormous cot, cot pad, and plush sleeping bag. The combination is actually more comfortable than my bed at home.

The mountains near Smithers are gorgeous and made me eager to drive that last leg to Alaska.

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