Protecting the paint

Before I put 8,000 or more highway miles on this car, I need to be sure the Tesla’s paint is protected from rock chips and other hazards of the road. For this reason I used the forums to find an installer of Xpel film with a great track record for their work. Thus, last week I dropped my car off in Walnut Creek, CA, so that Joe Torbati and his crew at OCDetailing could install Xpel and then coat the whole car with Opticoat Pro. I couldn’t be happier with the work! Here’s a photo:


Driving back towards the Sierras I met a nice couple and their dog at the Rocklin supercharger. I gave a card with this blog’s web address to them, and a couple hours later pulled into the Truckee supercharger.
“What flavor of ice cream do you have in your refrigerator/freezer?” I heard as I stepped out of my car. Sure enough, there’s the couple and their dog. She was driving this leg and he had time to browse the blog from the 17″ monitor.

I had a somewhat embarrassing confession to make, “Vanilla, but I’m still conducting experiments and wouldn’t think of possibly ruining a great flavor such as cookies and cream until I am confident of the settings.”

Such is the fun of being part of the Tesla community.

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2 Responses to Protecting the paint

  1. Kathleen Rippel says:

    Beautiful car! This will be a great trip for you and Iceman.


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