Camping Gear

The Tesla Model S is a lovely thing, but I fully admit that she sports a rather large caboose (which is a good thing when it comes to storage!). No need for roughing it when you decide to pitch a tent for the night. Shown here is a five-man tent, cot, cot mattress, and refrigerator/freezer. The enormous sleeping bag is stored out of sight within this same compartment. Not shown: a full-sized pillow and a dog bed.


Back in the days when I owned a sailboat, I quickly learned the difference between boating and yachting: refrigeration. It makes all the difference between warm Pepsi and chilled chardonnay. The same applies to land yachting. Fortunately, an Australian company called ARB makes a fridge/freezer that is particularly miserly on power.

In the Tesla, I will power the fridge sometimes from the car’s 12 volt battery. Please note that this 12 volt battery is only about 33 amp/hrs. in size and the car cannot run (or even be unlocked) if the 12 volt battery is depleted. The accessories outlet only functions, however, when someone is seated in the car’s driver’s seat. Thus, the need for Plan B. I will carry a deep-cycle 12 volt solar battery with me on the trip, too, and that battery can power the fridge when the car is stopped. Finally, a 120 volt outlet can power the fridge, too.

Just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you need to give up chilled jumbo shrimp with cocktail sauce. Let’s be civilized on this adventure.

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